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Just a number….right?

Wrong, it’s quite an ugly number when that is the number you see when you get on a scale.


The number you think of when you go clothes shopping.


The number you think of you go to a restaurant and know that you shouldn’t eating out and wonder what other people are thinking about you at that moment.


The number that can define your life if you let it and it will.


I have been over weight as far back as I can remember and in Kodak moments before that.  I remember kids being mean in school and it was an awful feeling.  My family tried getting my to loose weight in a number of different ways, but at the time it just made me feel worse and uglier.  I know that wasn’t there intentions, but as a kid what did I know.  I wanted to be just like every other kid and I wasn’t.  My little brother (love you Kev) never had a weight problem and was the propular one; was jealous of that for a bit in high school even though his Freshman year he was ‘Jennifer’s little brother’.  Growing up I know that I missed out on a lot of things due to my weight and was more shy and less out going.  That is one thing that I wish that I could back and do something different about.

In August of 2012 I started getting severe migraines that just wouldn’t go away.  After going through several medications and lots and lots of doctors appointments it was decided that I had Intractable Migraines.  Unhappy with the suggested sollutions, I went to a new Neuroligist.  After 1 appointment my new Neuroligist believed that I had Sleep Apnea on top of the Intractable Migraines.  I was also told that I needed to aggressively loose weight because high blood pressure, sleep apnea, migraines and the strong medications could cause a stroke and or a heart attack with in a few years.  After being scaried silly I decided to do something about it.

By October, I started making appointments to get tested for sleep apnea (so fun to be watched and try to sleep.. 🙂 ) and for a consultation with Dr. Manuele for the Lap Band procedure.  It took almost 3 months to get appointments and tests, but it finally got here.  On Dec. 20 I had my consultation with Dr. Manuele and started working my way to surgery.

I had to have a Phycological Evaluation to make sure that I was aware of what I was getting into and see a Nutritionist, blood work and an ultrasound on my liver and gallbladder.

After 2 weeks of being on a liquid diet of Optifast Chocolate shakes, jello, popcicles and clear broths resulting in loosing 17 lbs, surgery was scheduled for Feb. 26, 2013.

Please see my First Week After Surgery page…..

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